Saturday, July 20, 2013

Blurb For THE BUTTERFLY CURSE, Azra's Pith Book Three

Several years passed since the battle in the mountains. Azra’s Pith was peaceful and Alexander was in love; but something just didn’t seem right. Alexander wondered what became of Imperius. The dark sorcerer was out there somewhere. Did it still have powers? Was it hunting Alexander? His worries were a constant distraction. He looked over his shoulder day and night until finally deciding that enough was enough. He made a promise to let go of his fears.

For Alexander timing has always had a sense of irony. On a beautiful, worry free day, an adventure with the river pirates put him face to face with Imperius. What happened? The dark sorcerer vanished; and so did Sarah, his love.  To find her he would have to travel through the depths of evil and face Imperius once and for all. He was about to lose the love of his life the same way he lost his mother. His only hope was a leap of faith and the Butterfly Curse.

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