Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Glow

Alexander wandered over to a far corner out of sight from the others and lay down on the cold, hard ground. “You’re sick….” A soft voice whispered behind him.

Alexander shut his eyes, hoping the voice would go away. He felt gentle tapping on his shoulder.  “Please leave me alone," he said while jolting his shoulder forward. The tapping persisted. He shifted his body around with a scowl on his face.

The shoulder tapper was a girl, slightly younger than Alexander, with fair skin and hair so white it glowed in the candle light. You’re sick, but I can help you,” she whispered again.

“What?” asked Alexander, looking puzzled.

“Your presence is tainted.” She extended her hands. “Close your eyes.”

“Uhh… What are you going to do?” Alexander asked.

“Shhh…,” A warm glow emanated from her hands.  Alexander’s body went limp. A pair of wretched claws burst out of his chest and tried to latch on to him.

“The sickness is leaving you,” she whispered. Her pale blue eyes sparkled. The glow coming from her hands intensified and smothered the claws until they disappeared.

Alexander opened his eyes. He was frost bitten, and extremely confused. The fog was slowly starting to clear. He tried to put the pieces together. The night before, he’d been safe and sleeping in his bed in Verhonia. Now he was wandering the mountainside searching for his mother, who he knew was killed by Imperius when he was a baby.

 The girl sat across from him with her hands in her lap and a warm smile. “I’m Sarah.”

“Alexander,” he replied, rubbing the back of his neck. “What happened to me?”

“You had dark magic in you.” She brushed her white hair off her shoulder. “It’s okay, you’re better now.”

”What did you do?” Alexander asked, looking baffled.

Sarah giggled “I fixed you.”


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