Friday, June 26, 2015


In the early hours of the morning, it was still dark in
the forest around his grandmother’s cottage. Twigs and
leaves crunched under his shuffling feet. The forest was
quiet, convincing Alexander that he was alone. He peered
into the darkness. The cold air brought color to his cheeks.
Suddenly, the branches just ahead of him rustled.

“Who’s there?”
A wicked cackle broke the silence.
Alexander’s eyes grew wide.
“Stop playing games! You’re not funny!” His chest
tightened like a fist.
The trees surrounding him rattled, and several sets of
beady yellow eyes pierced the darkness pointing directly at
him. One set of eyes narrowed, giving Alexander an evil
Alexander darted through the trees, knocking a few of
the creatures out of the way. They flailed about, exposing
their raven-like silhouettes. Wings flapped inches from the
side of his face. He tried to run faster, kicking up the dirt
with his large feet. The ravens yanked at clumps of hair with
their curved beaks.
Specks of light appeared out of the air, quickly
surrounding him. There were billions of them tickling his
spine and bustling through his hair. The lights were playful
and buzzing with energy. Alexander was breathless. He
stopped running and allowed them to shield him from the
His innocent investigation was quickly becoming a
strange and terrifying adventure….

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