Thursday, February 6, 2014

Who is the Grinning Goat on the Cover?

This  is Eremite... yes, he is a cliff goat; but he is also a wise old sorcerer. He lives in the Skywalls, deep in a hole on the side of a cliff. 
Since THE BUTTERFLY CURSE is available today... I wanted to share a snippet to fill you in on the the "grinning goat on the cover"

“Let’s get moving. Eremite obviously knows we are here.” Lucent crawled into the tunnel, letting his wide brimmed hat scrape through the chiseled stone. 
Alexander thought he would be crawling in the dark forever. But finally the cramped tunnel opened up to a warm, candle lit den cluttered with scrolls and tattered books. “So, which one of you nearly plunged to their doom?” A squeaky voice sounded from behind a stack of books. The books floated across the den and landed with a thud, sending a puff of dust in Alexander’s direction.  An old creature with soft, white fur and long, curved horns poking out from the top of his head hobbled over. “It certainly took you long enough to get here.” He examined Alexander with his dark round eyes. “You are going to be the one to save us all… huh!” His wrinkled nose twitched. “Well, let’s get started.” 
 “So you know why we are here, then.” Lucent nudged Alexander closer to Eremite. 
 “Of course I do! What do you take me for? Some kind of ordinary, run of the mill cliff goat?” Eremite huffed and raised his hand in the air. A massive book flew across the den and landed on the table in front of him. “Now, let’s see… getting rid of rats, pirates, murks, no, no, no! This is the wrong book!” Eremite pounded his hoof-like fingers on the table. Another book flew across the room.  
“It’s dangerous in here,” Logan whispered. Lucent gave Logan a firm nudge and pressed his index finger over his mouth. 
 “Ah, yes here it is; The Butterfly Curse.” He stared intensely at Alexander. “Are you ready for this?”  
“Yes.” Alexander stepped over to the table.  A small wooden chair slid in to Alexander’s heels.  
“Sit down, you are about to be shown the way.” Eremite held his hand over the pages. They flipped on their own. Alexander shut his eyes and fell into a trance.  

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